Accelerating your leadership impact.

Achieving your highest potential.

" I had no hesitation in engaging Jane as my Coach after just 5 minutes of conversation It was an easy decision and a great investment. "

Jo- Marketing Director- London

To successfully elevate your impact, you need to be intentional about your leadership.

This means being crystal clear on:

Who you want to be as a leader.

Where you want to take your team/organisation.

How you will use psychological techniques and emotional intelligence behaviours to increase your visibility and impact.

Where to start? How to fit it in? How to stay motivated? Where to go for trusted support?

How you will optimise your leadership team's performance and effectiveness.

How you will sustain your leadership energy, despite challenges.

How you will engage others to help you.

How you will align your own internal resources alongside those of your organisation's to accelerate your own transformation journey.

New techniques from Neuroscience and Psychological based approaches

Brain-based Performance Coaching

A new take on professional development.

A Blended, Perfectly Balanced Approach

The perfect balance of coaching,

mentoring, professional development

and performance improvement.

Focused, Brain-based Leadership Intelligence

Rooted in contemporary neuroscience, focused on EQ and behavioural skills

over technical expertise.

Conscious Leadership

Specialist coaching for high-achieving professionals looking to increase their impact in a deliberate and focused way.

That's the overview..the detail is here:

  • INSPIRING LEADERSHIP AGENDA At the heart of this next step-change for you and your career: your unique Leadership Agenda. We’ll clarify your most inspired and inspiring vision. Design a stretching but workable strategy. And make sure we take your people with you.
  • ASSERTIVE SPHERE OF INFLUENCE At your level, it’s your professional brand people are buying into. So we’ll be working to meticulously design, shape and assert your sphere of influence. And together, we’ll ensure it’s authentic, consistent and wholly relevant.
  • ADAPTABLE LEADERSHIP INTELLIGENCE The perfect enabler of your move to the next level is a focus on Leadership Intelligence. Behavioural skills over technical expertise. Emotional intelligence over cognitive ability. And agile adaptability – in any situation.
  • STAND-OUT PERSONAL PERFORMANCE We’ll distinguish your personal performance and inspire the best from those around you with brain-based strategies necessary to get focused, find inspiration, stay motivated, make powerful decisions and ensure you truly show-up in the showcase moments.
  • ENERGISING COUNTERBALANCE You can’t give what you don’t have. So part of our work will be establishing a well-balanced, well-paced tempo to your working life. Ths will leave you in a sustainable rhythm that guards against burnout and maintains your motivation, energy, creativity and desire for growth in the job.
  • AUTHENTIC LEADERSHIP SELF The root foundation to every aspect of this project is your most authentic leadership self. We’ll get crystal-clear on your vision and goals; align with your core values and true identity; find expression for your life’s purpose; and deliver on your model of leadership excellence.

" That first session moved me on more than the last 6 years of my career. "

Mike, Operations Director, Liverpool

Leadership coaching is for you if:

  • You’re an ambitious, high-achieving leader who’s looking to capitalise on your success to date with a confident, purposeful step towards the next level.
  • You’re committed to your role, but starting to feel fatigued, frustrated, undervalued and overlooked. And at just the point in your career when you know your work should be leaving you feeling satisfied, successful and deeply fulfilled.
  • You know just how important it is to your career to embrace this moment – but are struggling to find the time, energy and focus to make meaningful inroads into your longer-term career goals.
  • You’re ready to welcome a thinking partner into your circle to provide the direction, support and accountability you know you need to maintain perfect focus – and the balance between near-term strategies and the long-term vision.
  • You have an inspiring leadership agenda to champion – and a vision of your most authentic leadership self delivering on it.
  • You’re ready to get to work on this, truly excited about the prospect of once again revelling in the leadership challenge and earning much-deserved recognition along the way.

I believe coaching should be motivating and a challenge at the same time. Ultimately though, it is about trust.

My style revolves around developing a high-trust, collaborative relationship so we can dive into what choices you need to make. Usually, this means looking at who you are, what you feel, how you think and how these elements match—or don’t match—what you need to do and what results you want.

Together, we raise the bar on your performance and what it truly means to be at your best. At the same time we lower the stakes. We work out where, when and how you can experiment with new behaviours and techniques so that the impact is a positive one. Coaching helps you capture the range of opportunities that come your way each and every day. If you miss one, you find the next!

" Jane is an absolute master of enhanced communication, I have learned so much throughout my coaching journey"

Kay, Solicitor and Partner, Manchester

6 more reasons this is exactly the support you’ve been looking for.

  • Flexbility + Accountability
  • Safe, Supportive Space
  • Well-Paced Rate of Change
  • Challenge + Stretch
  • Depth + Relevance
  • Demonstrable Results

" I would thoroughly recommend Jane and look forward to working with her again. "

Sara, Executive Director, London

Here’s what else you can expect, working with me:

  • Pre-coaching questionnaire to help you get crystal clear (and super motivated) about your leadership and career goals, even before we’ve started.
  • Laser-focused coaching sessions for us to dive deep into creating your leadership vision and achieving your ambitions. A mix of 2 weekly and monthly 1-1 virtual sessions, you’ll leave every conversation absolutely clear in your thinking and hugely motivated to take action on the next step.
  • Psychometic Assessment Support for us to identify your strengths and development areas in the context of your leadership style and energy
  • Session action points and worksheets to help you stay focused and moving forward. These resources will capture your best insights, map your journey and leave you with a valuable development asset you can call-on in the future.
  • Unlimited “Timely Intervention” coaching calls as needed, ahead of critical moments in the journey, like: decisions, meetings, presentations and speaking engagements. One call, one outcome: to get you in the zone and on top of your game at just the right moment.
  • Unlimited email support for the duration of our work together. Reach-out at any point to get input, feedback or just an alternative perspective.
  • A post-programme follow-up call to tie-up any loose ends, reflect on the outcomes and generally make sure you have everything you need to succeed.

So are you willing to step up?

Because I can’t wait to show you how to leverage all I know from the practical application of Emotional Intelligence through to the neurochemistry impact of conversations!

How I work....

No two coaching engagements are alike. My expertise is working with emergent process and finding the unique strengths you bring to the table but may not be harnessing effectively. As a trained Psychologist, I don't have one set process or procedure, I have many from a range of evidence-based approaches from human performance, motivation and neuroscience. Let’s find the right approach for you.

I wear lots of hats—working one to one as coach, supervisor or consultant is what I do best. Therefore, I work hard to keep time open in my schedule to do what I love. Don’t assume I am too busy to create a space for you.

Here's how we move forward...


To get started, let’s book time in the diary for an insightful first conversation. And not just a friendly chat or Q&A session. But a deep conversation that will get to the essence of the future you’re ready to create.


After booking your slot via my online calendar, you’ll shortly receive instructions on how to prepare for our call.


On the call, we’ll have a conversation to design the coaching alliance and help you make your final decision to proceed. And that’s it – you’re on board!

Book your initial conversation now by clicking the button below. And let’s get to work!

And if, on that call, you decide not to work with me or we aren’t a perfect fit: no problem. I’ll be happy to share other resources to help get you moving on your leadership agenda.

Some final clarifying FAQs.

Q. How will this work in practise?

Ahead of your programme, we’ll work together to design the coaching alliance to perfectly suit both your leadership goals and your working style. As far as possible, we’ll set a regular schedule, minimising disruption to your diary with a mix of in-person and remote sessions. And we’ll only be setting as much between-sessions “homework” as you’re comfortable with and finding beneficial.

Q. How flexible can the schedule be?

I know you’re phenomenally busy. And I can help by offering schedule flexibility, including phone, Zoom, evening and weekend sessions. But not investing time in you and your development is perhaps one of the reasons you are here. So you’ll need to make a special commitment to the coaching, upfront. And my experience says that’ll get easier as you come to love the time and space away from the day-to-day that coaching provides.

Q. What makes this truly different?

Great question. Because there is a lack of new thinking out there. So I’ve made it my mission to create something that’s different, goes a lot deeper and is far more relevant to today’s questions of “leadership”. You’ll benefit from deeply transformational coaching – not just “leadership development”. You’ll experience far more stretch with the thinking than other approaches invite. You’ll really connect with your most authentic leadership self. And you’ll have the neuroscience edge – because everything I coach is backed by contemporary science.

Q. What will I get out of this?

I’ll be sharing with you a whole new take on leadership that’ll totally shift your thinking. As a result of our work: You’ll get crystal-clear on your most inspiring and authentically-aligned leadership agenda – and get to work creating it. In tandem, you’ll come to dominate your sphere of influence, exercising adaptable leadership intelligence and routinely delivering stand-out personal performance. And we’ll make sure we achieve a counterbalance to work that leaves you energised to do all this.

Q. What do you need from me?

Another great question. 3 things: commitment to the process; willingness to think anew; and perseverance to push through the challenges. I will be with you, as coach and mentor, every step of the way. But ultimately, it’ll be your insights and agenda we work to; and you’ll be responsible for the results you create. So it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get to work!

Q. How much does it cost?

Your investment is anything between £2,500 and £10,000 for a 3 – 12 month programme, depending on the exact make-up of that programme which we’ll tailor perfectly to you and your goals. Many clients opt for a programme of 6 sessions over 5 months.

Q. How do I get started?

It’s really simple. You click the purple button below and choose a date and time that suits you for an initial consultation call. We’ll use that time to clarify your goals, design our alliance and consider if we’re a good fit. If we’re both happy we will confirm pricing and schedule your first session.

High-performing leaders take bold action, in the moment.

So take a bold first step and book your consultation, TODAY. And let’s explore your highest possible potential, together.

Book your free consultation by clicking here.


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